The Following Robotic Kit controller interfaces with many brands of Servos, Switch Relays, Sensors. The real world applications are numerous.  The Kit can computerise any electronic equipment (RC or Security). True Plug N Play out of the Box!

Servo x 1 (can support up to 6 Servos)
Sensor x 1  (can support up to 3 Sensors)
Switch Relay x 1  (can support up to 2 Switches)
Wireless Radios x 2
USB Wireless Device x 1
Controller x 1
Battery Pack x 1
Camera Module (Optional)

The Kit can be operated using the following Software

1) Advanced PC (Shareware) - *Wireless*
2) Maestro Control Panel - USB Cable Required

Publisher Comment

      Computerise your RC units or Automate Remote Security Systems!

Video Walk Throughs

Easily integrate into your existing RC unit(s) to manipulate via your PC or Laptop!

Pricing from US$100 to US$500
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