The Following Robotic Kit controller interfaces with many brands of Servos, Switch Relays, Sensors. Comes Preassembled. True Plug N Play out of the Box!

  • Movement (Forward, Backward, Right & Left)
  • Distance Sensor to define an action using:
  • Robot Commander Pro Triggers, Embedded/Remote Programming
  • Image Capture to detect motion/objects at greater distances (Optional)

  • Motorised Kit w/Controller
  • 2 Motors (expandable up to 6)
  • 1 Sensor (expandable up to 6)
  • Camera and Adaptor (Optional)
  • Wireless Components (Optional)

Publisher Comment

Preassembled to quickly manage via your PC or Laptop!

Pricing from US$200 to US$600
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Wireless Option for all Kits
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