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Discover the world of Artificial Intelligence in a simple brain teaser!

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Puzzle Mania Pro is an easy to use Puzzle Game with a Twist. It has the ability to provide hints to work to solving or actually solve before your very eyes! The algorithm being used has a mix of mathematical and human intelligence. Puzzle Mania Pro can be be used as a tool to teach problem solving skills for beginner to advanced for all age groups.
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     Play and Learn how to Solve with Pizzle Mania!
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     Main Features
  • Import any Picture in your archive.
  • Supports 3x3 to 10x10 piece puzzles.
  • Ability to provide Hints or Solve before your very eyes!
  • Simple point and click to navigate the puzzle pieces
  • Ability to set the speed for each move.

What's NEW?

1) Supports Win 7 (32/64)
Puzzle Demo 1
Puzzle Demo 2