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Plastic Duplication
We can produce and reproduce any plast partic or component you have as a sample or in 3D file format (STL). The types of plastics we support are as follows:

1) PLA - Prototypes and Projects Only
2) ABS - Home or office components
3) Ultra Strong ABS - Commercial strength plastic (High Impact)
4) Polycarbonate - Industrial strength plastic with flexi qualities (gears etc)
5) NinjaFlex - Highly flexible plastic

Real World Applications

  • School or Work Projects
  • Commercial Prototypes (Arhitect or Engineering)
  • Comercial Products for Home/Business

If you have a 3d design file in STL format simply click on Costing Calculator to determine the costing and/or click on the buy button to have your request processed within 48hrs.

If you do not have a 3D file not a problem we have scanning and designer services to get you to that stage to move straight into the product creation stage. Please email us at Contact

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   1) Supports
  • PLA,
  • ABS
  • Ultrat ABS
  • Polycarbonates

   2) Discounts on Large Quantities

   3)Online Cost Calculator

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