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Data Extractor Pro 5 is a powerful CRM tool. he interface has functionality to integrate numerous Data Bases to consolidate in a file or in a Table. The Tool has a customised version of SQL syntanx to allow easy manipulation of the file formats produced, with respect to spacing and delimiter type. All functions are GUI and affords the user the power of a System and DataBase Administrator without the coding requirements. Download and Try it for free.

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     Main Features
  • Ability to extract Data from numerous Data Bases
  • Ability to import Data from Flat FIles
  • Supports many file delimiters
  • Ability to Download/Upload files Generated
  • Ability to update Databases based on Criteria
  • Built in SQL analyser
  • Ability to customise the format of the Flat file (Delimiters/Spacing).

What's NEW?

1) Supports Win 7 (32/64)