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Discover the world of Client / Server Development without the Hassle!

New Ability to have Secure Connections!

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Progwhiz Secure TCP ActiveX
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The Secure TCP/IP ActiveX / COM Developer Object is Robust, Feature Rich yet very simple to create Server and Client Apps in minutes. This Object was developed to grant all developers easy access to all the fundamental functionality desired from Winsock without the complexity. You will find that all the events fire as you would desire. In addition to which you can easily setup a server which can accept multiple connections by using less than 5 lines of code.
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     Main Features
  • Up and running in less than 5 lines of code
  • Ability to setup a Server to accept 1 to 400+ simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited Distribution for Client Side Applications
  • One(1) License required per Server Application Distribution
  • Personal Developer License Putchase - 1 Dev License + 5 Client Licenses (1 license per Application Product)
  • Corp Developer License Putchase - 1 Dev License + 100+ Client Licenses (1 license per Application Product)
  • Supports all Developer environments (Visual Studio, ASP, Delphi, C++, C#, VB6, VB.Net  etc)
  • Easy set of Properties, Methods and Events
  • Support Normal TCP Sockets
  • Support Secure Sockets Layer (Propietary SSL)

What's NEW?

1) Supports Win 7 (32/64)
2) Supports SSL
3) New Events/Methods
Users per Port
Client Applications
Fully Operational
Fully Operational
Server Applications
2  Users
400+ Users